A View From The Cheap Seats … CP3 Pressure Is A Privilege

By Rich Herrera
Wildcats Radio 1290 / CBS Sports Radio

Well, Arizona, let’s face it there is no tomorrow for the Suns.  They have been such a great story this postseason for the Copper State.  Fans who had given up on them long ago have reemerged as hard-core fans that are all in on the Suns.  They have had their faith restored and began to believe that the state’s very first professional sports franchise has a chance to deliver on the promise of hoisting an NBA championship trophy in the 48th state in the union.

Fans fell in love with their first pro team,  way before the Cardinals migrated to the Valley, and Diamondbacks beat the Yankees, the Suns were on the edge of winning the state’s first championship. Sir Charles came to Arizona and the stars were all aligned and the parade route was being mapped out for the biggest party the state had ever seen.

But then reality set it, and its name was Jordan.

Watching this series go from 2-0 with the Suns in control to losing three in a row has to be a gut punch for those long-time Suns fans who are still waiting for that first championship after all these years. Their mood was so upbeat and positive and you could feel the energy.

Then reality set in … once again …

Are the Suns done, will it be #BucksInSix?

The Bucks have all momentum and are feeling it heading into Game Six, no doubt about it. So what are the Suns to do? Roll over and play dead, or do they have the fight that it takes to win a ring. I am a fan of Monty Williams, but he needs to have his team prepared to fight as they have never fought before. Jae Crowder has been there before but for the rest, this is gut-check time. If this series is to go on to seven games, Chris Paul needs to be the difference makers. Chris Paul is a future Hall of Famer, no doubt about it, but what is his signature moment? He doesn’t have one, does he?

The moment is here for Paul. Big-time players make big-time plays, and the stage is set for him to do big things. If the Suns are going to win their first title it’s going to be up to Paul to be the difference-maker. This is how legends are made. If he leads the Suns to the title we will talk about him in hushed terms of his greatness. If not he will still be a great player that will end up in Springfield, but his legend will be incomplete.

But as we have learned from Arizona Baseball, Pressure is a Privvilege.


If the Suns don’t win the first guy I am blaming is this guy …