Bud Black endorses doubleheaders when MLB resumes

Colorado Rockies manager Bud Black is all for doubling up when Major League Baseball begins the 2020 regular season.

On pause with the rest of the world in response to the coronavirus pandemic, MLB Opening Day was scheduled for March 26. The earliest projected date for the regular season to begin is now mid-May, commissioner Rob Manfred said last week.

Ideas for a shortened season include playing just 81 games, which is half of what would be played in a typical regular season.

Black said he would support regular doubleheaders.

“In theory, yeah, I think all of us would be up for some sort of doubleheader situation,” Black said during a conference call Thursday. “The thing that’s going to be in front of all of us is it’s going to be the same for everybody. It’s got to make sense for the clubs and the players.”

Player safety would certainly be part of that discussion. Black said he advised pitchers not to throw, but to treat this break as they would the start of the offseason.