The Miller Lite Pigskin Challenge

Tune into D.K. On The Sports Tip Thursday afternoons to compete in The Miller Lite Pigskin Challenge where you could win money!

How To Play:

Listen to D.K. On The Sports Tip on Wildcats Radio 1290 Thursdays between 3:00pm and 4:30pm. David Kelly will select an upcoming professional football game to place a wager on against you – the listener! If you are selected as the participant (caller number 5), you get to pick which team will win from the selected game. If you end up selecting the correct team, you win $25 – or that week’s jackpot! Correct answers are awarded at a minimum of $25 but may be more. If you select the losing team, the $25 rolls over to the next Thursday and increases the potential winnings!

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Contest Rules: